Man sues Brantford police for abuse of power

Philip Alafe, 27, says he was stripped of medical care and left naked in an Ontario prison two years ago. He sued several police officers in Brantford and alleges that they treated him differently because of his race.

He claims damages of $2.5 million and claims that the officers abused their power and used excessive force.

The prosecution is also appointing Brantford Police Chief Geoff Nelson and the Brantford Police Services Board, who are responsible for the police actions and negligence, according to Philip Alafe.

Philip Alafe was born in Nigeria and came to live in Canada in 2010. He was arrested on July 3, 2015 for allegedly dangerous driving, for which he thought the charges had been dropped.

The allegations in the lawsuit filed by Philip Alafe have not been proven in court and the defense has not filed a statement. The Brantford Police Services Board has indicated that it will review the documents and allegations made by the young man. He will also ask the chief of police to report.

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