Death of a three-year-old boy after the burning of a house in the Six Nations community

A three-year-old boy died and two babies were seriously injured following a house fire on Friday in the Six Nations community near Paris.

Six Nations fire chief Matthew Miller says help was called in a two-story house in Ohsweken on Friday morning for a fire and a child trapped inside.

Once there, the firefighters found him inanimate and trapped behind a bed on the second floor.

He was transported to the hospital, where his death was found.

Two one-year-old and three-week-old babies were also transported to hospital in serious condition. Matthew Miller adds that four more children were examined.

He himself was treated at the hospital after inhaling smoke when his mask broke after he was hit on his head on a banister while he was rescuing a child. He was able to return to the scene shortly after.

Matthew Miller says this intervention has been particularly difficult for firefighters.

This is a tragic situation for the community. I can not imagine what family and friends of the family should live in this moment.

Matthew Miller, Fire Chief Six Nations

At a press conference on Saturday morning, Six Nations chief Ava Hill said “all [their] community is shaken by this tragedy”.

The community started collecting clothing and launched a crowdfunding campaign on the GoFundMe website for the Bomberry family, who lost everything in the fire.

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