Exercise helps aging muscles to stay young

Regular exercise after the 55-year mark would help slow down the aging of muscles, British and Australian researchers have shown in studies reported by the New York Times. In a first study,... Read more »

State of emergency canceled in Brantford

On Monday the city of Brantford lifted the state of emergency that was declared Wednesday due to floods. The Grand River Conservation Authority also canceled all flood warnings and watches. The level... Read more »

Some residents ignore eviction notice in Brantford

Peter Ward and his girlfriend choose not to leave their home flooded in Brantford, despite the evacuation notice of the city. “We were not going to leave unless [the police] knock on... Read more »

Quarrel of chickens in Victoria

Residents of Victoria are screaming, while one of their neighbors is preparing to accommodate a hundred laying hens on his land. The owner of the land of a little less than one... Read more »