Parks Canada plans to burn some areas of Point Pelee Park

Fire will be intentionally lit in Point Pelee National Park over the next few weeks to allow the ecosystem to regenerate.

Parks Canada has scheduled a number of fires that will result in the closure of portions of the park between March 19 and April 15.

The park will remain open to the public, but the federal agency says safety is its “top priority” and that fires will only be lit when environmental and weather conditions permit.

Smoke will be visible, but the crews will control the wind and work to keep smoke away from visitors as much as possible.

“These prescribed burns contribute to the restoration of the savannah ecosystem of Point Pelee National Park, a rare ecosystem in the world, by reducing the number of exotic plants, by preventing the proliferation of invasive tree species.” and shrubs and improving the habitat of species at risk, “says Parks Canada spokesperson Brett Levitt in a statement.

The fires will burn the following areas :

  • 1.43 hectares near the reception center;
  • 3 hectares near the parcel of opunates;
  • 0.58 hectare near the promenade du Marais;
  • 1.97 hectare near Sleepy Hollow.

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