Bedbugs in class at Ryerson

A university in downtown Toronto is investigating a possible bedbug infestation in one of its classrooms.

This investigation was opened after the publication of an article on the subject in the student newspaper.

Jacob Dube, a student who has been working on the article in The Eyeopener , said some Ryerson students reported seeing insects in a classroom. They suspected that it was bed bugs. The targeted classroom is on the Victoria campus.

Several students who spotted the insects, including Stefanie Phillips, claim to have later found that they have been bitten by bedbug-like bites.

Ryerson’s management told the student newspaper that exterminators had already inspected the classroom and that they had found “no evidence” of the presence of insects.

Following this statement from management, Mr. Dube claims that the student newspaper has decided to investigate himself. They quickly found bed bugs using a flashlight to view them as well as paper clips to force them out of their hole.

Mr. Dube says he sent photos of the insects found to five exterminators, all of whom confirmed that they were bed bugs.

“I was very surprised to see that the teams of exterminators hired by the management could not find what journalists could see quite easily.”

Bed bugs, a real plague

Neetu Gogna, who works at Pestend Pest Control, says bedbug control is complicated because of their ability to hide and the speed at which they spread.

“They can easily migrate from one place to another on the human body, in clothes, shoes, handbags,” says Gogna. “Even one or two bugs can multiply very quickly. ”

Adult bugs are usually brown or red, while newborns that have not yet been fed are almost transparent.

The heat can kill bed bugs, so Mrs. Gogna explains that anyone who is afraid of having contact with these insects should wash and dry their clothes at high temperatures.

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