Kathleen Wynne defends sex education program

Premier Kathleen Wynne says parents and experts were consulted during the development of the sex education program, contrary to what new Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford is suggesting.

In a press briefing with reporters Tuesday, Kathleen Wynne said that 4,000 parents were consulted during the program’s creation. These parents are especially the presidents of parents’ councils in the schools of the province.

The premier said that specialists, such as psychologists, psychiatrists and even police, have been involved in developing the program that is now being taught in the classroom.

The program was not developed by politicians. It has been developed by educators, people who understand the development of children and what is appropriate.

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

During the leadership contest for the Progressive Conservative Party, three of the four candidates said they would review or abolish the program, mainly because they felt the parents had not expressed enough on the subject.

he new Conservative leader, Doug Ford, said during the race that he wanted to reopen the debate , but since his election, he has gone further and now says he wants to abolish the program. According to him, this program was the great concern of the parents he met during his campaign at the party leadership.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says she believes conversations with experts and teachers have determined what topics are taught and at what age.

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