Trump boasts of lying to Trudeau

The President of the United States boasted Wednesday of trying to convince Justin Trudeau during a meeting that his country was running a trade deficit with Canada, when it was not and he himself did not know the reality of the trade balance between the two countries.

In a speech to supporters at a fundraising event in Missouri, the US President mockingly recounted that he had supported and even urged Justin Trudeau to convince him of the existence of this deficit, without even knowing for himself whether it really existed.

In the extract from the Washington Post speech , Donald Trump says, “Trudeau came to see me. He’s a good guy, Justin. He said, “No, we do not have a trade deficit with you, we have none, Donald …” “.

Donald Trump continued by imitating Justin Trudeau: “Nice boy, it looks good, he returned to the charge:” Donald, we have no trade deficit. He is very proud because we are all made. ”

“In fact, I did not know anything about it”

Amused by his own anecdote, Donald Trump continued: “I told him:” No Justin, there is a deficit “… In fact, I did not know … I had no idea. I only told him, “You are wrong”. You know why? Because we are so stupid. ”

At the insistence of Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump said he was somewhat impatient and sent one of his advisers along with Justin Trudeau to verify what was really the alleged deficit.

When the two men returned, the American president said that he had to admit that the Prime Minister of Canada was right.

Well, Mr. [Trudeau], you’re right. We do not have a trade deficit with you, but it does not include the energy and the lumber that cost us $ 17 billion a year. It’s incredible.

Donald Trump, President of the United States

However, according to the Washington Post, which contacted the US Trade Representative’s Office, the country would actually be in a trade surplus with Canada.

Trump slams its trading partners

The US President continued his speech by accusing the US trading partners, including China, the European Union, Japan and South Korea, of defrauding the United States and looting its workforce. .

He also described the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as a disaster and blamed the World Trade Organization for allowing other countries to compete with domestic firms in the US market.

Our allies only care about themselves. They do not care about us.

Donald Trump, President of the United States

In front of Missouri Republican donors whom he spoke for about thirty minutes, President Trump focused particularly on the case of South Korea with which the United States would have a large trade deficit.

Stressing that the United States is spending a fortune to keep 32,000 troops in the country to defend against North Korea’s possible aggression, Donald Trump has accused South Koreans of enriching themselves at the expense of Americans by significant trade deficit with the United States.

The president even implied that he could eventually withdraw these troops.

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