Andrea Horwath promises dental insurance to Ontarians if NDP wins in June

Ontario New Democrat Leader (NDP) Andrea Horwath announced at a rally in Toronto Saturday that if she becomes Premier of Ontario in June, all Ontarians will be eligible for insurance. dental.

The leader of the NDP has given a preview of what will be in the party’s election platform, which should be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Horwath also promised expanded drug coverage for all Ontarians and more funding for hospitals and senior care.

She said she wants to improve public services, cancel the privatization of Hydro One and convert student loans into stock exchanges. Andrea Horwath said she wants to hold the federal government accountable for First Nations rights, including the issue of access to clean water.

The NDP leader did not say how she would fund these measures, but assured that the details and costs will be released Monday and that only the better-off could see a tax hike.

In a report released last September, the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer in Ottawa estimated that if a universal drug plan had existed in 2015-16, it would have cost between $ 7.4 billion and $ 11 billion. Ontario.

Spades to the opponents

The leader of the NDP did not fail to criticize her political opponents.

Ontarians have alternated between the Liberals and the Conservatives for too long, as if the only choices are “bad” or “even worse”.

Andrea Horwath, Leader of the NDP
She denounced the plan of the new Progressive Conservative leader, Doug Ford, who is considering cuts and saying that Ontarians are ready for change after years of Liberal government.

“Now is the time for Ontarians to choose Kathleen Wynne’s replacement … and the choice has never been so clear,” said the NDP leader in front of her activists at a Toronto hotel.

Comment by Kathleen Wynne

The Prime Minister responded with a press release and praised some of the NDP’s health ideas.

“On Monday, in the Speech from the Throne, our government will present our plan for investing in mental health, health care, home care and child care,” said Kathleen Wynne. It will also detail investments in areas that make life more affordable. ”

Andrea Horwath has organized the campaign rally as the Liberal government is due to present its priorities for the remainder of the parliamentary session ahead of the June provincial election in a Speech from the Throne on Monday.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne prorogued the Legislature earlier this week for Ontario Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell to deliver the speech.

In a statement, Andrea Horwath called the announcement a “coup” and “nothing more than the desperate attempt to start from scratch for a tired Liberal government that has far exceeded its expiration date.”

Doug Ford’s reaction

“Conservative government will cut electricity rates, cancel Kathleen Wynne’s and Justin Trudeau’s expensive carbon tax, improve health care and ensure students are ready for the job market and bring back good jobs.” well-paid jobs in our province and accountability to Queen’s Park, “said Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford in an email.

“It’s time to change in Ontario. It is time to respect the taxpayer again, “he added.

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