CUPE files lawsuit against York University for unfair labor practice

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), which represents 3,000 faculty and teacher assistants at York University who have been on strike for two and a half weeks, filed a complaint against the employer with the Canadian Labor Relations Board. Ontario.

In a statement, CUPE Local 3903 alleges that York University has violated three sections of the Ontario Labor Relations Act by misrepresenting union positions and theirs in their communications to both union members and the public.

The union also alleges that one or more persons acting on behalf of the University used the web address to redirect users to a page controlled by the latter.

“It’s not a step we wanted to take, but the actions of York University over the last three weeks leave us with no choice,” says CUPE Local President Devin Lefebvre.

In a press release also, the University replies that the union’s complaints are unfounded.

“The complaint is without merit and the university will welcome a quick decision from the Ontario Labor Relations Board,” she says.

In particular, it states that it does not own the domain and informed the mediator and the union of its existence on March 16th.

York also accuses the union of trying to negotiate for non-employees it does not represent. “We told them it was not right and in bad faith,” says the school’s management. The University chose not to make a bad faith bargaining complaint to the Labor Relations Board to focus on a strike resolution. ”

Contract negotiations between the two parties were broken again Wednesday after resuming Tuesday.

According to Devin Lefebvre, several questions could still be resolved that day.

He added that the union is always ready to return to the bargaining table.

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