North Korea Agrees For The Talk About Nuclear Weapons, Says The US Official

In last 6 Months, the relation between North Korea and the US has turned out to be violent and destructive. However, there have been no physical actions initiated so far from both the countries, but the things have become intense and are beyond limits at present.

On these landscapes, the US had showed some interest in settling these pre-war situations, which might also lead to a nuclear war among these nations. Responding to this approach of the US, North Korean government has agreed to carry out this discussion over nuclear weapons policy with Donald Trump. This indicates the possibility of an exceptional summit, which will actually happen.

North Korea Agrees For The Talk About Nuclear Weapons, Says The US Official

As the confirmation of meeting came directly from the Pyongyang, instead of third countries such as South Korea gave more assurance to the Trump administration about the idea of such wise meeting. The Trump administration had long back said that if North Korea isn’t willing to discuss over the termination of the nuclear program, it makes no sense in holding negotiations for both the countries.

North Korea had informed about the invitation through South Korea’s visiting delegation, which later moved ahead to Washington and was conveyed to Trump.

Though Kim has affirmed for the meeting, the US did not receive any confirmation from North Korea in terms of Kim’s objective. It was later confirmed that North was serious about the offer it made, and this information was heard from other countries such as China when Kim went on an unusual visit to China.

However, Kim’s government hasn’t publically declared about the surety of meeting with Trump and owing to this miscommunication amid Washington and Pyongyang, some speculation has been fuelled about the importance of Kim’s offer.

Thus owing to limitation of anonymity, officials won’t disclose the information such as of how, when, and where did the conversation take place.

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