Porsche Challenging Tesla With Its Electric Car With 500 Km Capacity

German sportscar maker Porsche has confirmed that it will start the manufacturing of e-Concept’s production version. The company is ready to compete with Tesla via this car. Porsche CEO Oliver Bloom said in a media interview that the exteriors of the production model will be almost similar to the concept model. This will be Porsche’s first battery powered-electric car and it is expected that it will be slightly shorter than the Porsche Panamera.

Porsche Challenging Tesla With Its Electric Car With 500 Km Capacity

Porsche Aggressive Entry will try to enter the electric car market through Mission E. It is expected to launch in the global market by 2019 and in India in 2020. According to Porsche, the production model will generate the strength of 600 Horsepower. It can vroom up to 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in within just 3.5 Seconds. The car has a travel range of 500 kilometers on a single charge.

Porsche Mission-E is aiming to make about 20,000 units every year. Porsche will assemble it completely in India and import it. Looking at the future, Porsche’s eyes are on Elon Musk’s company Tesla. Tesla has revolutionized electric cars. Tesla is now seen in terms of good quality and high-performance electric cars. But now it seems that Porsche has made all the preparations to battle Tesla.

The electric vehicle era has started long back but actual competition will be initiated when people will start adopting electric car over the petrol and diesel vehicles. Many countries have presented their objective to electrify every vehicle by 2025. This aim doesn’t seem to be unachievable, the only concern can be seen is the how well automobile manufacturers develop these vehicles, accessibility of electric charging points and infrastructure, and awareness among the consumers regarding the depleting levels of fossil fuels and increased global warming concern around the globe.

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