Facebook Encounter Investigation In Australia Due To Data Scandal

Australia is examining Facebook over supposed privacy violations, claimed the authorities this week. This comes after the company confessed that the personal information of thousands of domestic consumer was inappropriately shared with a political consultancy of Britain.

Facebook Encounter Investigation In Australia Due To Data Scandal

The social media behemoth this week claimed that the information of almost 87 Million users all over the world, comprising over 300,000 users of Australia, was shared with the firm.

Facebook has been below attack over its management of personal information of users after reports that the British company used the huge quantities of information as fraction of its operation on 2016 presidential campaign by Donald Trump.

“The examination will mull over if Facebook has violated the Privacy Act,” claimed Angelene Falk, the acting Privacy Commissioner, to the media in an interview.

“Considering the global nature of this issue, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) will discuss with regulatory executives globally.

Falk claimed that below the Australian law, all organizations had to take “sensible measures” to make sure personal data was being held safely and that users were alerted about the handling and collection of their information.

The majority of data given to Cambridge Analytica is from the U.S. at 81.6%, with Australia placed at 10th place after nations comprising the Indonesia, Philippines, and India, as per Facebook, which has committed to offer people a more obvious picture of how it controls the personal data.

Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive, is due next week to be a witness in front of the US Congress, in what is hoped to be manifold congressional hearings related to this incident.

The tech giant is also going through probes due to the data breach from the Federal Trade Commission and US consumer protection agency. It is also going under probe from a joint Massachusetts-New York investigation.

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