Gender Pay Gap Divulged By Apple At UK Operations

Apple has become the newest leading tech firm to account its gender pay gap statistics in the United Kingdom, a day prior to the cut-off date for British companies with over 250 workforces to reveal pay variations between women and men.

Gender Pay Gap Divulged By Apple At UK Operations

Apple compensates females in the UK median wages that are 2% elevated than their male coworkers, in large part on account of superior female representation among the retail workforce in the 38 British shops of the company.

Statistics for Apple UK, iPhone developer’s corporate entity, which holds for the greater part of technology and management jobs, displayed males received median wages that were 24% more than female coworkers. Additional benefits for men were 57% more at Apple UK and 12% more comprising sales and retail staff.

Apple’s Vice-president, Deirdre O’Brien, said, “We are resolute to carry on our development toward a labor force that is more indicative of the world around us.” Technology firms across the globe have come under the limelight for motivating male-centric behavior and falling short to reward females after a sequence of scandals at Uber, Google, and several Silicon Valley venture capital companies over the last year.

A scrutiny of median pay gap revelations by the Financial Times displayed the “communication and information” sector salaried male median wages that were 17.4% more than the females. The sector was 5th most awful in terms of salary difference, following mining & quarrying, financial services, construction, and education.

Revelations by other huge technology firms in the United Kingdom demonstrated the gender pay gap was largest in high-compensated technology positions. The median wages at Facebook’ were 9.9% more for males than females. On the other hand, the median pay gap at Google was 16%, the revelations exhibited. The pay gap for workers at the development center of Amazon was 17.2%.

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