Mozilla Firefox Reality Browser Unveiled for AR, VR Headsets

A new version has been unveiled by Mozilla of its well-liked Firefox Web browser that is developed to be utilized with AR and VR headsets. The browser, named Firefox Reality, is developed initially to be utilized with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets, rather than being used on the smartphones or computer.

Mozilla Firefox Reality Browser Unveiled for AR, VR Headsets

The new browser is deemed to be privacy-friendly, open source, and cross-platform with a unique interface for the headsets. The company, recognized for its efforts in AR and VR with WebAR, A-Frame, and WebVR, states that the new combined reality browser has been developed to undertake “new avenues and challenges of surfing the captivating Web.”

Making use of the budding mixed reality Web standards that allow the users to see enticing games and other encounters, Firefox Reality assures that there would be no requirement to install applications custom-built for their respective headset. Although the majority of the existing solutions for accessing and browsing the Web on individual headsets are platform specific and closed, Firefox Reality is an autonomous browser that will function on numerous platforms and devices.

Firefox Reality browser has been developed making use of the prevailing Firefox Web technology of the company together with Servo, its trial Web engine. Firefox Reality, resembling the desktop browser, is open source. In its primary development phase, the browser’s source code will operate in progress mode on the GearVR and Daydream devices. Its developer builds and source code have been launched for a number of platforms on the GitHub.

Remarkably, Mozilla has not mentioned when Firefox Reality will be accessible to the users. Mozilla, in the upcoming weeks, will unveil updates on its efforts on Firefox Reality, comprising particulars of the design procedure, the browser’s sneak peeks operating on pre-release headsets, incorporation of Servo, a trial computer-vision pipeline making use of WebAssembly, new capabilities for developers & designers, and gesture, voice-interaction, & device features.

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