Snap Sued For Patent Infringements By BlackBerry Over Snap Map

BlackBerry, after taking legal action in 2017 against Nokia and this year Facebook, has now allegedly documented a patent-infringement charge against Snap, the parent company of Snapchat. BlackBerry, earlier this month charged Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp applications, claiming that they imitated features and technology from the BlackBerry Messenger. Nokia was sued by BlackBerry in the previous year, asserting violation of patents with regard to 4G and 3G wireless communications technology.

Snap Sued For Patent Infringements By BlackBerry Over Snap Map

According to the report of Bloomberg, the charge of BlackBerry against Snap alleges the latter breached upon 6 patents released in 2014 and 2012, 2 of which are among the 7 patents that included in the charge against Facebook as well. Mashable, in a report, mentioned that the patents entailed UI and map enhancement for up-to-date mobile advertising methods and mobile devices. Captivatingly, the map upgrading refers to the release of Snap Map by Snapchat.

In a statement, BlackBerry’s spokesperson said, “BlackBerry has a hard-earned status for securing and protecting the privacy and data of our customers. For over a year, we’ve been functioning to making a discussion with Snap as we consider there are far more avenues for collaboration than incongruity. Though we carry on to embrace this door unlock, we also have a firm assert that Snap breached on our intellectual property, debilitated our stakeholders, and we have a responsibility to follow fitting legal remedies.”

Remarkably, the court case has been registered in the US District Court for the Central District of California. A journalist has posted the filing on Scribd, wherein evaluations of images from patents of BlackBerry and screenshots captured from Snapchat can be observed.

Court case over patent violation indeed seems to be a part of the strategy of John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, for making wealth for the firm, which has lost the smartphone market share it once ruled.

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