Amazon Has Worldwide Invite For These Sellers

Amazon Business this week declared branching expansion of its worldwide selling program by rolling out B2B selling for exporters in India. “Via this roll out, B2B manufacturers, sellers, and exporters will be capable of reaching thousands of business users all over international marketplaces of Amazon,” claimed Peeyush Nahar, VP for B2B Marketplace Business at Amazon, to the media in an interview.

Amazon Has Worldwide Invite For These Sellers

The program will get the merchants in front of executives of Fortune 500 firms, as well as small and medium corporations all over the globe, he claimed. It will also provide advantages to sellers in India such as low-priced referral fees for mass orders, single selling account, and business quantity and price discounts aimed for business customers among others, he claimed further.

Began as a pilot in 2017, the program has got an optimistic response with more than 2,000 exporters enrolled for B2B worldwide trading currently, Nahar claimed. The program is live in the U.K., the U.S., France, Germany, India, and Japan, he claimed. The program allows features such as backend integration and business-only pricing that assists exporters control competitive costing globally and helps in fulfilling and managing bulk orders from business users, claimed Nahar.

Gopal Pillai, the General Manager and Director at Amazon India for Seller Services, claimed that more than 32,000 exporters provide more than 90 Million “Made In India” goods to users all over 10 worldwide marketplaces of Amazon. “The firm thinks it is a chance to additionally strengthen the program to allow exporters of India access to B2B and B2C market in the U.K., the U.S., France, Germany, and Japan,” Pillai claimed to the media in an interview.

Amazon has invested billions into its operations for India. Amazon Seller Services single-handedly has got more than Rs 8,000 Crore during fiscal year 2017–2018 from the U.S. parent company.

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