Facebook Claims Data Leak Hits 87 Million People, Broadening Privacy Scandal

Facebook Inc claimed this week that the personal data of almost 87 Million consumers, generally in the U.S., might have been inappropriately shared with Cambridge Analytica (the political consultancy), up from an earlier media estimate of over 50 Million.

Facebook Claims Data Leak Hits 87 Million People, Broadening Privacy Scandal

Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive of Facebook, claimed to the media in a conference call that the firm had not seen “any significant affect” on employment or ad sales since the scam, even though he claimed, “It is not good” if users are discontented with the firm.

Shares increased over 3% this week.

Zuckerberg claimed to the media that he is to be blamed for the information leak, which has annoyed advertisers, consumers, and lawmakers, while also claiming he was still the correct person to lead the firm he established.

“When you are building something such as Facebook that is unparalleled in this world, there are going to be stuffs that you ruin,” Zuckerberg claimed to the media. He further claimed that the significant thing was to gain knowledge from mistakes.

He claimed that he was not conscious of any talks on the board of Facebook about him exiting, even though directors will suffer a challenge if they needed to fire him since Zuckerberg is the major shareholder.

He claimed that he had not fired anybody due to the scandal and did not aim to. “I am not seeking to throw anybody else under the bus for errors that we committed here,” he claimed.

Facebook last month first recognized that personal data of almost millions of consumers incorrectly ended up with Cambridge Analytica.

Zuckerberg will give evidence about the issue next week at the time of 2 U.S. congressional hearings.

On the call with media, Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook must have done more to oversee and audit 3rd-party app developers such as the one that was hired by Cambridge Analytica in 2014.

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