AWS Of Amazon Has A Similar Product Based On Blockchain That Of IBM And Oracle

The Blockchain Template announced by Amazon Web Services in the previous week in the form of “blockchain-as-a-service” contends with similar products of IBM and Oracle. The introduction depicts that how the major entities are curious about holding the dominance in the blockchain technology, and these efforts are carried at such basic level that their customers still don’t have a firm idea about how the blockchain can help them to ease their operations.

AWS Of Amazon Has A Similar Product Based On Blockchain That Of IBM And Oracle

AWS vice president and chief evangelist, Jeff Barr said, “According to some people they see the technology as the establishment of new financial systems and method to ease international transactions. While others view it as an immutable data source and a distributed ledger that can be applied in process of crowdfunding, logistics, supply chain, land registration, and for many other multiple applications. It has been rectified that the blockchain has ample of captivating and perspective and we are aggressively working on the technology to assist our customers effectively.”

With the help of AWS blockchain templates enable AWS users to boost the speed of blockchain apps to set up Hyperledger Fabric networks and Ethereum. This launch by AWS comes after 6 Months post introduction of new cloud service by Oracle that is built of open-source Hyperledger Fabric project during Oracle OpenWorld. In addition, IBM was first to introduce its own blockchain-as-a-service offering based on Hyperledger.

The global market for blockchain-as-a-service also has new player Huawei entering the sector. It has also revealed about the Hyperledger-based blockchain service. The announcement was done in Shenzhen during its analyst conference. Moreover, it has linked its name among the other tech companies such as Tencent and Baidu, in terms of blockchain platforms.

Some of the top names that are leading the blockchain as a service comprise some major tech names before IBM, Oracle, and AWS such as BitSE, R3, Microsoft, Paystand, Blockstream, and Deloitte.

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