Wynn Resorts Ex CEO Files A Case Against A Company Employee For Defaming Him

A defamation lawsuit has been slapped by Mr. Wynn, Ex-CEO of Wynn Resorts Ltd against a company employee, Jorgen Nielsen, for tarnishing his image in public. Mr. Nielsen who happens to be Wynn Las Vegas salon’s past artistic director is alleged to have given false reports of sexual misconduct by Wynn to ABC News and the Wall Street Journal. Wynn who declared the charges as ludicrous is seeking penal action and compensation for the same.

Wynn Resorts Ex CEO Files A Case Against A Company Employee For Defaming Him

The Wall Street Journal which published the two articles in earlier part of the year quoted Nielsen’s name as being the source of their information about Wynn’s unbecoming behavior. Employees of Wynn Resorts had alleged repetitive sexual misconduct by Wynn and their complaints regarding the same going unheeded in the articles.

Mr. Wynn resigned from his position in the month of February after these reports surfaced in the earlier month. He expressed his inability to work in an atmosphere where judgments were given without confirmation of facts.

The lawsuit was filed to challenge the reporting which had not proved the accusations before leveling them. It included the news piece made public by ABC News and the two articles which were published in the Journal, both of which quoted Mr. Nielsen. The lawsuit disclosed the sending of a letter asking Nielsen to take back his false reporting and lessen the damage caused to Wynn’s reputation but this had no effect. The letter was sent in March.

Mr. Wynn felt that Nielsen who was his ex-wife’s loyal personal hairstylist was motivated to purposefully make such statements as that would become an advantage to his ex-wife with whom he was involved in a highly publicized and antagonistic litigation battle.

However, one of the publishers of the Journal and the spokeswoman said that they were firm on their reporting while the ABC’s spokeswoman refrained from making any comment.

Nielsen seems to be uninformed about the lawsuit and refused from commenting on the same.

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