Writing Email Is Never Been So Easy, Gmail’s “Smart Compose”

As per Google, “Wiring an email takes a lot of time.” This perception makes the company at Google I/O on May 08, 2018, to announce “Smart Compose,” newest Gmail feature.

This new feature uses the capability of AI to automatically write the matter in the emails which you write with the purpose of saving the time you invest in inputting regular “monotonous” messages, this feature is a stress reliever for the individuals who find the email writing task a bane in their tight scheduled routine.

The Smart Compose features are derived from the Smart reply feature added to the Mobile App of “Gmail” by Google in last year, which is offering three most appropriate responses for the email based on the contexts. Gmail is on another level with the addition of Smart Compose feature, as it allows the user to write full emails with AI-assisted phrasing and not just the pre-provided response alternatives.

Users need to simply click the tab button to utilize the Smart Compose feature, which starts adding text to the email body automatically, and start appearing as you type.

The Smart Compose is all set to hit the market in a couple of weeks. But, by just clicking “Try the New Gmail” in the settings, few users can try it now. Follow these steps, if you haven’t tried it yet, “Hit Setting, and inside the General setting tab, choose “Experimental access,” which in turn returns Smart Compose feature. (Disclaimer: Not available for all the users yet)

A lot of individuals facing the issue with emails are not related to writing but instead the issue is the efforts needed to reply to few emails or even try to read them at all. Does the new feature of Gmail “Smart Compose” assist in dealing with the fear of responding the emails after business hours? We are hoping the Google AI will consider this issue in the next I/O event.

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