LA Tunnel Nears Completion, Elon Musk Offers Free Rides

People can obtain high speed tunnel-travel experience in a few days if Elon Musk’s project gets regulatory approvals! Boring Company, Musk’s tunneling startup, has almost completed the first lap of their Los Angeles project by constructing a 2.7 miles long tunnel in the crowded western part of Los Angeles. His goal is to complete a tunnel network that will be 60 miles long, a first of sorts in the history of subway networks in USA.

First priority according to him to travel through the tunnel will be given to cyclists and pedestrians for a charge lesser than cost of a bus ticket. As for cars, Musk plans to use ‘electric skates’ to transport cars from and to the tunnel’s exit and entrance points. The procedure was shown through a video posted in August 2017 wherein he used an elevator to transport a Tesla car to the tunnel’s entrance.

Musk feels that the tunnel which is an important part of his Loop transportation technique will help to decongest traffic on crowded Los Angeles road and enable people to move faster within the city. However, transportation experts feel otherwise. According to them, additional traffic jams will be created at the tunnel’s entrance as people wait in their cars for their turn to travel through it.

The huge $1 billion plus per mile costs involved in developing subways and tunnels have prevented the US authorities from developing fresh ones within the cities. Musk has however, announced that his tunnels will not be sponsored by public funds; instead he aims to build them through cost-effective, sophisticated techniques. Musk profusely thanked all individuals involved in the task on Instagram as he felt that without the support of regulators, elected officials and the public his project could not have taken off.

No further details were disclosed.  However, Musk announced that individuals can ride for free on Loop service in the ensuing months after necessary approvals from the regulatory authorities were obtained. Just hope the people get a ‘never-to-forget’ experience as they traverse through the Loop.

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