Meeting Between Trump & Top Brass From Car Companies Over Climate Rules For Automobiles

Would the Obama-era rules on fuel efficiency standards be rolled back? If moves from the Trump administration are anything to go by then the likelihood of the standards being frozen from 2021 are higher. Obama’s efforts to making them robust year on year seem to find no favor at the White House.

Democratic controlled states including California are set for a most important battle with Trump administration over climate rules for vehicles. A meeting was held between the President and top brass of the auto industry on Friday to discuss various issues like CAFÉ standards, environmental monitoring and production in millions of new cars in the country.

The top management from the auto industry was keen on setting a common national standard for fuel efficiency of vehicles and they were concerned whether the state of California would fall in line with their views. California accounted for a greater share of the car market and till now had the right for setting stricter standards for vehicles in its state. If they remained firm on continuing to do so then the country would have differing fuel economy standards. This would cause a regulatory nightmare for all.

California’s stricter rules have led to production of greater fuel economic vehicles and environmentalists and supportive states feel that rolling back the rules would be unjustified and irresponsible besides being detrimental to the environment. Opposition groups are however, defending the rollback move as they feel that production of fuel-efficient cars entails greater cost, smaller sizes and lower quotient of safety. They opine that clean, green electric cars are small and suit the city drivers but fail to fit the requirements of the rural farmers.

Would the White House let California have the final say or will it have to succumb to the White House pressure? The next few days will tell!

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