No Fizzle In Trump’s New Drug Policy To Regulate Prices

President Trump had presented a blueprint of the latest drug policy that was promoted by the officials of senior administration as one of the most extensive plans to administer the affordability of prescription drug.

According to the academics, lobbyists, as well as the Wall Street analysts, in spite of the long speech of the plan, the pressure exerted on the healthcare spending will not be depleted.

A pharmaceutical lobbyist also said in an interview that the declaration made by Trump will spare the pharmaceutical sector of the amendment, which is opposed by them.

He further added that the sum of money involved in the health system, which is being supported by the private and government people, will not be changing significantly.

The blueprint includes the numerous ideas which were proposed in the budget for the fiscal year 2019 as well as in the drug pricing report of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. It primarily targets in equipping the private sponsors as well as the government with the latest tools in order to negotiate the prices, depleting the prices decided by the manufacturers, cutting down the hiked costs for consumers, and embracing strategic steps to restrict other countries from freeloading the innovations offered by the US.

After Trump took over the office of the president, the steps on drug pricing has been taken on the Food and Drug Administration. This couldn’t make a deep impact on the drug market.

Trump had also said that the administration is getting rough on the drugmakers that take advantage of the patent laws in order to block the competition. However, he assured that the patent system will reward innovation but will not promote the unfair policies used to guard the mismanagement.

The speech was highly appreciated by the generic drug lobby and Chip Davis, who is the CEO of Association for Accessible Medicines, also said that the step taken by Trump to accept the biosimilar and generic competition will effectively lower the prices of the brand-name drug.

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