Scarcity Of Parts To Escalate To Other Auto Manufacturers….

A major fire broke out on May 2, 2018, at Meridian Magnesium Products Factory of America. The impact of this fire has fallen severely upon the auto manufacturing industry. The mishap has seriously affected the auto parts production factory in Michigan resulting in manufacturing difficulty at prime auto manufacturing companies like General motors, Fiat Chrysler and Ford. Although, at present it is a little early to predict if distributors will have a shortage of motor-vehicles but some of the company’s manufacturing numbers are already taking a toll.

The company that have been most affected by this shortage of parts is Ford. In the onslaught of the grave fire and consequent short supply of auto parts, the company is cutting short production of the pickup trucks F-series. It is their most successful auto vehicle in America.  Currently, the company is being forced to discharge 7600 employees till the situation improves.

Manufacturing of large vans have been stalled at General Motors at their plant in Missouri as a result of the deficiency in supply of the auto parts. In Windsor, Ontario, there has been a forced cut in the production of Pacifica Minivan by its makers Fiat Chrysler again due to the aftermath of the huge fire at the Meridian.

The primary plant which manufactures the constructional parts is based in Michigan, close to Lancing. The fire at Meridian Magnesium gravely impaired the production of main technical auto parts. Meridian supplies a third of its production to Ford.

The parts made by Meridian are manufactured keeping in mind the various regularities by the authorities. At this crucial time, many auto manufacturers have come up to Meridian to extend support and avail some benefits as well. These automobile makers are trying to make the auto parts with fine light metal to comply with the fuel and energy regulation standards of the government.

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