Secretary Of State Mike Says America Is Assuring Kim Jong Un That It Doesn’t Seek Its Conquest

Kim Jong Un the North Korean leader has been assured by the US that for the summit next month between President Donald Trump and Kim, his dismissal won’t be a part of the agenda, as per Mike Pompeo the Secretary of State. In an interview, Pompeo stated that to be sure, they will have to provide security assurance. In order to give up his nuclear weapons, not seeking Kim’s overthrow and a promise to not invade North Korea would be an incentive for him. Mike further stated referring to the failed negotiation from the history with North Korean narrative as well as Pyongyang’s that since 25 years this has been a pending trade-off.

The president of US, Donald Trump has scheduled a meeting on June 12 with Kim Jong Un in Singapore for an exceptional summit. Mike further stated on “Face The Nation” that he has given his assurance to Kim already. He further mentioned that he told Kim about the expectation of the US president. In exchange for the North Korean regime getting rid of the nuclear weapons program as expected by Trump, the people of North Korea would get a fair chance which they deserve richly.

Mike further added that no US president till now has positioned US in a way where the leadership of North Korea would think that the US is at no longer considered to be at risk by the regime of North Korea. The potential regime change in North Korea is significant as per the statements in past by John Bolton the new White House national security adviser and Mike both.

In the previous year, Mike stated that North Korean’s nuclear weapons problem is the character that holds control of the weapon is considered to be the dangerous element. At the Aspen Security Forum, Mike who was the director of CIA at the time stated that they have to separate those two as it is vital from the perspective of the administration. During his confirmation hearing, he stated to the senators last month that the change of regime in North Korea is not supported by him.

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