Moon Will Have Its Own Wikipedia Archived On Small Metal Plates

Arch Foundation, a non-profit organization is expecting to send millions of pages of Wikipedia to the Moon. But it is not in a form of a soft copy or printed on a paper; this time they are hoping to print Wikipedia pages on small metal plates.

It is reported that the pages will be of the English version of Wikipedia website, and if everything goes as per plan, then the content will soon reach the lunar land in next few years. The total size of the archive is same as that of a compact disc (CD).

As per the report of Verge, “In 2015, Arch Foundation was formed with the aim of making data libraries for humanity and spread them in all over the universe.” The non-profit organization (Arch Foundation) plans to engrave the content of Wikipedia (English version) on metal plates, thinner than a human hair.

It is expected to write down millions of Wikipedia pages on the metal plates, the summation of the plates will be approximately a size of a CD. The archive, planning to send to the Moon, is something like a back-up of the humanity, its culture and its history, one which can survive if some unwanted terrible thing happens on the Earth.

Along with the Wikipedia pages, the team is planning to send “Rosetta Project” of Long Now Foundation, which has more than 1500 languages used by humans. With this archive, future humans or some fortunate extraterrestrials can access the glimpse of human existence.

As per the report by The Verge, the Arch Foundation is planning to share more information in next year about the data which they are planning to send on the lunar surface. However, this is not the first time; the non-profit organization is sending some data into space. The company during the past project sends an archive that includes the data of “Trilogy”, the book of the foundation.

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