Craft Breweries Losing Its Sheen At Least For The Workers

After being in the business for 13 years, Scott Timms has finally hung his boots as a beer brewer. His last job was at the Falling Sky Brewery located in Eugene which is regarded as one of the best breweries in the state. By his own admission, it’s not a job he would recommend as it is very risky and not nearly as rewarding.

Timms said that the job is punishing on the body as it involves lifting and carrying around heavy loads. Add to that the toxic chemicals and liquids at high temperatures and you will know what he is talking about. OSHA visits to small breweries are rarely heard of and that leads to a lot of safety standards and procedures being neglected. Few people would be happy about putting themselves in such an environment.

Earning a meager$40,000 a year after putting in 65 hours weekly times while working as a production manager at Falling Sky, he was done with the whole thing and left earlier this year. According to him, someone else was reaping the benefits of the hard work put in by the brewers who were on the wrong end on the bargain.

Eater published a piece last year about the growing trend of people choosing craft products as opposed to the mass-produced food and beverage items. One of these choices is what has triggered the growth of the craft beer industry, with over 6000 small breweries in the U.S. serving this group of people. Many of these are raking up huge numbers in terms of revenues and profits.

But while that may be the case, the condition in which the workers are making the beer cannot be spoken of with the same excitement. They often put in long hours and do more than they were hired for as employers count on their love for the product. All that said, the industry is definitely growing and filling someone’s coffers. Now, if the requirements of these workers are not tended to, we may soon see a shortage of labor in this sector.

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