Study: There Can Be A Ninth Planet, And It Is Certainly Not Pluto

There are a lot of individuals who heard that there were 9 planets in our solar system. Until, there was introduced a new theory in the early 2000s, that Pluto was too small and could not fulfill the definition of being a planet and eventually dropped from the planet list, which left us with 8 planets.

Now, with a new finding, scientists are saying that our solar system can actually have 9 planets, and the ninth planet is a mystery as no one has actually seen it before.

The study conducted by Juliette Becker and David Gerdes, University of Michigan, focuses on the newly discovered inter-celestial object’s movement far in the Solar system. Scientists believe an object with a size of a dwarf planet is moving in a specific manner. The movement of this object suggests that it is being influenced by a larger object. That object can be the ninth planet of our solar system.

Gerdes said, “There is no proof of the existence of the ninth planet.” But the presence of this type object supports the theory and existence of Ninth Planet in our solar system.

The reason the investigators is very much certain about the fact of the movement of the object is influenced by a larger object is that its orbit is not similar to a lot of other large objects in our solar system.

However, the orbit of the object is tilted at an axis of 54 degrees to the established solar system surface. One very appropriate explanation of the theory is that it is influenced by a larger object, which has approximately 10 times the mass of Earth.

This is not the first time the space travelers noticed an odd pattern of behavior in the space objects. The hunt for the ninth planet is at its pace and it is not going to slow down until its existence will either be proven or disproven. Till then, we will see a lot more surprising facts about our solar system.

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