Get Ready For “Your Kind Of Coca-Cola”—All Geared With Bluetooth

The world is going thorough limitless changes which have enhanced the expectation of people manifolds. One such change is the incorporation of Coca-Cola with Bluetooth. It may sound weird but the latest change has sent ripples of excitement in the world of technology as well as beverages.

The company has declared to launch the latest soda machine, in the name of Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100. This is nothing like a normal machine that releases soda on request. It is a unique machine that will enable the users to incorporate the flavors of their choice to the drink through Bluetooth. This is made possible with the help of an app named Freestyle.

Coca-Cola had introduced the latest screen touch soda vending machines with a stock of 200 drinks in 2009. This initiated a revolution in the colleges, eateries, and other major food outlets. There was no looking back since then. The machines are about to be revamped as the company has recorded about 14 million drinks being served to the people with the help of 50,000 units of Coca-Cola Freestyle.

This will not only allow creating the flavors as per the choice of the customers but will also ensure speedy delivery.

As per the VP General Manager of the Freestyle, Chris Hellman, the options of choices and customization are ruling the market and will continue to do so for a long period of time. Hence, the company is putting the endeavor in offering the clients their desires in a jiffy.

The company is proud to present a machine that is incorporated with a feature-packed dispenser. In future, attributes like optical sensors, audio capability, and other options of beverages will also be added.

This machine will be unveiled this weekend at the NRA or National Restaurant Association tradeshow in Chicago. By 2019, the machine will be operational across the country.

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