Revamped Dropbox For Android And iPhone Users With Better UI Features

Dropbox finally went public at the starting of 2018 and amid the last month or two, the organization has made several upgrades to its services.

The latest to go under the upgrade process are the Android and iOS apps of Dropbox, which got revamped with several new features recently, which as per the company’s statement are focused on assisting the users to stay in-sync with their teams and other important people.

The first upgrade is the addition of file activity. This addition basically allows the users to see everyone who has seen or altered or forwarded files or information. In case, anyone has forwarded the file, you can even see the recipient of it. The feature is already accessible in the Dropbox web version, but the company has made the changes on user demands, in which they are asking for full visibility of file activity in mobile apps as well.

During the same roll-out of the revamped version, Dropbox is upgrading the comments framework for iOS to make viewing and responding to the messages a lot simpler. Users can now comment directly to the file, while accessing them in file preview mode, in the newly provided comment box, instead of opening the file in a separate browser.

Last but not the least, Dropbox app for iOS also has the better way of browsing things like images and videos. The new “gallery view” works as the users ever expected. It allows seeing and accessing the file in the same manner, which users had seen in other apps, like iOS photo app or Google Photos, making it simpler to scan through them.

With the new revamped Dropbox, Android and iOS apps, it is now very much easier to search the content users are looking for. Users can get the app from Google Play and Apple App Store today; however, the file activity feature is not available in Android app, but it will soon be available.

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