Twitter Mulls A Blue Tick For Verifying Accounts—Says CEO Dorsey

According to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, the app is expecting to approve the blue tick for the purpose of verification, which will be open to everyone. Previously, when the similar concept was launched, it left the users confused regarding the proper application. They misinterpreted it and thought that the tick is a way of Twitter backing the tweets. However, Twitter is about to change the concept and let the people understand with the tick that the accounts are authentic.

On the other hand, the CEO has also stated that the information shared by the people on their twitter handle will be judged by them only, without any intervention from the Twitter.

When it was launched in 2009, initially it was available only to the celebrities and public figures, which gradually extended to the bloggers and journalists. However, if any user wanted to opt for the blue tick, he/she needed to give a proper explanation for the same.

Director of Product of Twitter, David Gasca has put up a point which demonstrated the failure of the procedure implemented by the company. Due to the ambiguity in the availability of the blue tick, the aforementioned perception was created in the minds of the people. Rather this was understood as an appreciation offered on behalf of Twitter, which conveyed wrong messages to the people associated with the app, fuelling the confusion greatly.

Twitter is also a storehouse of countless bots and shadow accounts and has revealed that it had around 50,000 accounts which were linked with Russia. These accounts also posted pieces of stuff related to the U.S election in 2016. Along with these revelations, Twitter admitted having problems with the app. Dorsey also admitted that the incapability of the app to respond promptly to the misuse of account has given the people an opportunity to manhandle the platform. However, the company is taking steps to take over the challenges and convert them into positive notions.

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