Amazon Closing Seattle Delivery Support Unit, Moving 130 Jobs To Phoenix

Amazon recently announced the relocation of its Seattle operation center. The company’s decision has led to eliminating the jobs of a team supporting the company’s contract-delivery drivers. The organization has proclaimed that it is moving these jobs to Phoenix.

As a result of Amazon’s decision to shift to Phoenix, about 130 people who were working in the retailer’s Seattle central operations center have lost their jobs. One of the employees, facing unemployment issue, explained the situation by stating that the company made a blanket announcement that all employees are going to be laid off.

A spokeswoman from Amazon confirmed the move. They added that Arizona unit of Amazon has more space to grow. Further, they explained that the relocation of the central operations center was a business decision. It is not related to the head tax.

The spokesperson did not comment on the number of jobs eliminated in Seattle. She even did not explain the number of workers who were offered other Amazon jobs. Amazon carried out layoffs earlier this year at its Seattle headquarters.

The reason behind the closure is said to be the disputes and rages in Seattle about a head tax on large employers. These taxes were intended for the funding to make affordable housing and homelessness services. The city council had passed this head tax earlier this month. Amazon strongly opposed this measure.

Earlier last month, Amazon had introduced a feature called Amazon Map Tracker. Now, this feature is going to be open for more users in the U.S. The new feature allows the user access a synchronized plan of their package delivery on Amazon. It allows the user to watch a dot on the screen, which is similar as that of monitoring an incoming Uber or Lyft driver.

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