Ousted Ford Executive Is Now President Of Canadian Company

Raj Nair was the president of North American Ford but now has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer and president of Multimatic Inc. which is based in Markham, Canada.

He was one of the top executives from Ford but was fired in February due to a behavior that was not according to the company norms. However, the series of events took a turn and he had been appointed as the President of a company from Canada that is the maker of supercar Ford GT with a lower price $450,000, supplier of services, and engineered components of automotive across the world.

Raj took care of the principals of his former company for more than 10 years but Multimatic is looking forward to receiving greater results from him. According to Michael Guttilla, who is the Vice President of the company from Ontario, the expectation from Nair is high as he has been associated with a renowned company for a long period of time, creating innovative and revolutionary products.

Guttilla further mentioned that the team of his company is already soaring high with the positivity and zeal to enhance the business. However, the addition of Nair is expected to accelerate the pace manifolds with his experience and expertise.

The new company of Nair is a supplier of auto parts and proudly holds the figure of more than $1 billion as the annual sales. It has also designed the first-ever side power door on behalf of Tesla Model S and is also famous for making components of suspension for Ford F-150. The company also works in conjugation with Land Rover and BMW.

Nair had played the key role in the production of the supercar Ford GT and is also known as the father of GT. Though he left Ford suddenly, Multimatic is not concerned about his leaving and looks forward to getting the most from him in their future endeavors.

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