The European Commission Proposes For A Ban On Single-use Plastics

CNN Money reported on Monday that the European Commission is about to ban around 10 single-use plastic items. CNN reported that the proposal is a part of a broader plan of the European Union to shift its economy away from single-use plastic products, which are ending up going into the garbage or the street.

Approximately, 70% of all trash in the European Union’s beaches & other water sources are plastic items. Cutlery, plates, straws, some coffee cups, cotton buds, and stirrers are some of them to enlist.

Along with banning plastic products, the legislation also includes the need of the plastic manufacturers accepting the waste management & cleanup labor costs. The proposal also insists that about 90% of single-use plastic bottles should be collected by EU through new recycling programs by 2025.

The European Commission plans the complete implementation of these three rules by 2030. This implementation may cost businesses over €3 Billion ($3.5 Billion) per year. However, businesses could also save customers about €6.5 Billion ($7.6 Billion) per year. It will allow for the creation of new 30,000 jobs. Also, it will be responsible for avoiding about €22 Billion ($25.6 Billion) in environmental harm and cleanup costs.

Frans Timmermans, EU Vice President, proclaimed that Europeans will have to work together to tackle this problem. He also asserted that the proposal will minimize the use of plastics on supermarket shelves of Europe. He added that there will be a ban on some of these items. Some cleaner alternatives will substitute these plastic materials, which will make it possible for using their favorite products.

On a related note, the Commission is also proposing new rules to encourage the reuse of water in the EU for agricultural irrigation. This will help farmers make the best use of non-drinkable water. It will also lend a hand in minimizing the water scarcity and protect the environment & consumers.

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