Midwest Express May Soon Start Flying Again

Midwest Express Airlines is soon to come back to service. Investors are putting in efforts to make alive the airlines which was famous at a point of time, but has been inactive for a while. The investors have agreed for a primary round of funding and have managed to gather $750,000 in the process.

Christine Williams, representative for the company, has informed that the aim is to revive Midwest Express – the brand and all the components that contributed in making the brand so much popular and that this will serve as the initial process for the same. Notably, the airlines had been highly popular because of very good service, seats with additional seating space and an offering of delicious cookies.

It was informed by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinelin August last year that the plans are underway to revive the airlines. It is expected by the officers involved that Midwest Express will be back in service by 2020. Williams stated that they are targeting to approach this plan in a passionate manner and are hoping to see something fruitful in a couple of years. She also added that they are considering the possibility of purchasing an existing airline with a small size vehicle fleet and an important set of people.

Midwest Airlines was started in the year of 1984 under the name Midwest Express. It evolved throughout the decade of 1990 and by the start of decade of 2000, had become highly famous. Company had its headquarters in Kansas City and Milwaukee, but had its operations throughout the country, across all major cities. The company started facing issues in the year of 2008, when there was a sudden rise in fuel prices and economic downfall. Post this, the airlines was purchased by Republic Airways. Republic subsequently merged it with Frontier Airlines.

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