Ikea Plans To Remove Disposable Plastic Off Its Shelves

By the end of 2020, you will not be finding any single-use plastic products in any Ikea stores across the world, the Swedish giant said in a statement. All products from hereon will be made in a manner that allows them to be reused or recycled in the benefit of the environment. The announcement by the European Union to ban plastic items has encouraged this move from Ikea in all likeliness. The plastics often find their way into water bodies and cause great harm to the life therein.

The CEO of Inter Ikea Group, Mr. Tobjorn Loof, said that the company plans to lead the way in making the planet a better place for people to live in by encouraging and allowing people to live in a sustainable way and create lesser problems for other living beings. Most of the company’s restaurants will also be having vegetarian meals and snacks as a part of this initiative. The company aims be emission free by 2025 and all products will be designed keeping this in mind.

The awareness around the harmful impact of plastics on the environment has been increasing every year with more and more countries trying to do their best to protect our planet by introducing regulations on the use of plastics bags. European Union is one of the major supporters of the cause and is planning to implement measures to ensure that the marine life in our seas and oceans are not killed by these plastics.

The Ikea group plans to influence over a billion people and this are likely to set a precedent for other companies to do the same. As more and more companies take steps in this direction, complete elimination of single use plastics can indeed become a reality. The enormity of Ikea’s consumers will also create awareness on a completely different scale.

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