State of emergency canceled in Brantford

On Monday the city of Brantford lifted the state of emergency that was declared Wednesday due to floods. The Grand River Conservation Authority also canceled all flood warnings and watches. The level... Read more »

Some residents ignore eviction notice in Brantford

Peter Ward and his girlfriend choose not to leave their home flooded in Brantford, despite the evacuation notice of the city. “We were not going to leave unless [the police] knock on... Read more »

Quarrel of chickens in Victoria

Residents of Victoria are screaming, while one of their neighbors is preparing to accommodate a hundred laying hens on his land. The owner of the land of a little less than one... Read more »

Death of a three-year-old boy after the burning of a house in the Six Nations community

A three-year-old boy died and two babies were seriously injured following a house fire on Friday in the Six Nations community near Paris. Six Nations fire chief Matthew Miller says help was... Read more »

Platypus milk could save lives

The platypus, a strange venomous duck-billed, beaver-tailed Australian mammal that can lay eggs, could help save lives through breast milk. In 2010, scientists had already discovered that platypus milk contains antibacterial properties... Read more »

Man sues Brantford police for abuse of power

Philip Alafe, 27, says he was stripped of medical care and left naked in an Ontario prison two years ago. He sued several police officers in Brantford and alleges that they treated... Read more »